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Vacuum Former

Using a toaster oven to accurately form plastic

A simple box was constructed. The internals were all sealed with caulking to maintain an airtight seal.


The top of the box consists of a metal grating, this is where the air will be "pulled" through, to form the plastic.

A tool was designed in Fusion 360. This is the form that the plastic will take shape around. 

thie piece was machined out of a block of Delrin

The form tool is placed on top of the grating. 

The plastic, which is heated in the toaster oven will be placed over top of this. 

A shopvac will be used to pull a "vacuum" and suck the plastic into place

Here is the PETG plastic being heated in the toasted oven.

The key is to only let the plastic sag about 50mm before removing it. 

Too much sag, and the plastic will get creased during the form, too little sag and the plastic won't get fully formed

Success, A good form!

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