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Magnetic Deburr Machine

Using magnetic media to deburr parts

Initial SolidWorks design to find the basic sizing and dimensions.

The device will be used with 0.5mm stainless steel balls as the media.


The balls are 304 stainless, but since they've been cold worked, they are now magnetic.

A 250V DC treadmill motor was acquired as the motor.


120V AC enters a 60 minute timer, which then enters a vari-speed high current triac.


The AC voltage is the switched to DC through a full wave bridge rectifier taken from an electric lawn mower.


To smooth it out, a large capacitor is placed in parallel with the motor.

The finished unit.


40mm square neodymium magnets are spun on a rotor, and that provides the stimulation to spin the tumbling media and provide the polishing action 

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