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Compact Automated Microscope

Three Axis Automated Microscope

This was a compact microscope that was to be small enough that it could easily sit on a desk for daily visual inspections and measurements.

The system was designed in Solidworks. Here is a render before the work began 

A lot of the body plates could be cut out of aluminum sheet on the waterjet.


This saved a lot of time when compared to machining the same pieces.

Some of the pieces had to be machined. 

Here is the CNC mill accumulating a pile of chips as the block of aluminum is shaped.

The roller bearings used for the sealing system on the stage are displayed in one of the carriage tops.

Top down shot of an early prototype linear stage used in the microscope

The assembled prototype before being anodized.

It's important to do test fits on everything before applying cosmetic appearances, as if anything needs to be changed or modified, now is the time.

Using the Mitutoyo 1 micron indicator to measure accuracy of the linear stages.

Getting the pieces back from anodizing. Everything is starting to look great.

Assembly of one of the anodized linear stages. 

A little peak into the workshop. Things can get a bit hairy when you're building a product with hundreds of parts including wires, motors, machined parts, waterjet parts, stamped parts, fasteners, lenses, camera, and more!

Prototype control electronics build up and hand soldered.

Coding the firmware that controls the microscope

Once the prototype electronics were validated, a proper PCB was designed and built to control the microscope.

A finished product!

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