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CNC Router

A simple CNC router
Built with hand tools in a garage

Built with only simple tools:

  • Hand tools

  • Chop saw

  • Table saw

  • Drill press.

Tools can't hold back a bit of creativity

Linear motion components were sourced from eBay.


Supported round linear rails were chosen for cost savings and acceptable rigidity.

All axis are driven by C7 grade ball screws.

This ensures great accuracy (shooting for +/- 100 micron) as well as a long life. 

A Gecko G540 4-axis stepper motor controller was picked due to the great stability and ease of installation.


Three 381 oz-in NEMA 23 stepper motors move the X, Y and Z Axis. Limit switches on each axis provide homing capability.


A 48V power supply was chosen, as this voltage best matched the inductance of the stepper motors.


An aluminum case housed all the components

A rigid table was built for the CNC to sit on, as well as providing a bit of storage space for accessories and cutting stock.

Jigs for marking some of the 500+ holes that needed to be accurately drilled in all of the aluminium tubing

3' lengths of threaded rod were bought in bulk, and each bolt was custom cut to length.

Over 45' of ready rod was used in the project. Nylock nuts were used to hold everything together.

Working late in the garage.

utting in the hours to make sure the project got done.

Need a 1.5" hole into a 1/2" thick aluminium plate.

Modified a fly cutter and used a drill press with a special "water bottle cooled" setup to complete the cut

Squaring up the gantry using a bench vise and rope.

The perfect tool!

Wiring up control switches.

System Power, Motor Power, Router Power, Auxillary Power

Final electrical testing and wiring. Each axis requires 4 wires for the stepper motor, and 4 wires for the limit switches at each end of the travel.

Over 200' of 4-conductor wiring was used to tie everything together. 


A few projects made on the CNC ...

Kaye Road
Humming Bird
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